From left: Michael Strutt, Robyn Starkey, Emma Dyce, Will Ridgeway. Pictures: Max Mason-HubersMICHAEL STRUTT, Mayfield

I’m against capital punishment in general, but I’m also against the prison system too.

Prison doesn’t work for what it is supposed to do, it just creates more criminals. But more than anything else I’m against unnacountable killing by authorities, whether you get a judge to sign off on it or not.


I think it is disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

Obviously they did the wrong thing when they were very young and they have been rehabilitated and it is absolutely disgusting to kill anybody like that.

I was horrified, it makes me feel sick.

EMMA DYCE, Maitland

On the one hand, they knew the risk, they knew what they were doing, they committed a crime and it is their own fault.

But I see the other side, that they have been rehabilitated.

I guess I’m against the death penalty, but I think it’s a completely different country and I don’t know if it is Australia’s place to go in and get involved.


They knew the price they would have to pay and they wrecked a lot of families’ lives. But it wasn’t a violent crime.

I don’t think they should have even gotten life, they shouldn’t have even got 10 years’ jail.

From left: Danielle Lewis, Ashleigh De Bono, Graeme Holland, Geoff Clapham. Pictures: Max Mason-Hubers


If you go into a country and on the way in there is a sign that says there is a death penalty for drug offences and you still do it then it might be hard to be sympathetic.

But the fact that the Australian Federal Police knew and didn’t act on it until it was too late doesn’t sit right.

No one deserves to die like that.

I’m against the death penalty in general, especially for non-violent crimes.


I’m against the death penalty, it’s against human rights. I would have preferred to see them stay in prison, they have reformed.

People say they ruined people’s lives with drugs, but that is still those people’s choices. [Chan and Sukumaran] didn’t have a choice in their consequences.


Firstly, I’m totally opposed to capital punishment anyway.

I think a number of elements of this case were disgusting.

I think it’s cruel and unusual punishment to sentence someone to death and keep them on death row for 10 years. I think [Indonesian President Joko] Widodo is weak.


To be honest I think it’s wrong, but I also think they knew the consequences.

To be honest, I don’t really care, it doesn’t affect me.

I think it’s harsh, but they knew the risks.

I agree that drugs ruin people’s lives, but the other aspect is the federal police tipped them off, they could have waited until they got to Australia.

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