Students Owen Kelly and Sam Trembath in their studio space on Hunter Street. Picture: Max Mason-HubersTHE University of Newcastle’s architecture school has been judged 40th in the world in the latest data from ranking body QS.

The latest rankings have Newcastle in the world’s top 200 universities for 15 subjects, up from 12 in 2014, including four in this year’s top 100.

The high ranking has been labelled as “due recognition” by the head of the university’s department of architecture and built environment, Professor SueAnne Ware.

Dr Ware said she was drawn to Newcastle because of how “embedded” the school was with the city.

Ms Ware has been at the school for only three months, after previously working as the deputy dean in the school of architecture and design at RMIT.

“One of the things that really lured me here is there is a real creative camaraderie spirit,” she said.

“Newcastle’s in a situation where, after BHP left it went through some trying times [but] it also led to all these creative industries re-thinking how to re-make a city, and we’ve been part of that.”

Owen Kelly and Sam Trembath are both fourth-year architecture students at the school. Together, they’ve set up the Tiny Design Workshop in an old Dunlop Tyres workshop in Hunter Street.

They said the city’s “can-do” culture, and the architecture school’s place in it, had made that possible.

“In a way, the fact that Newcastle has been neglected in the past [and] had this industrial downturn means we’ve been able to hang onto these spaces we wouldn’t be able to in bigger cities,” Mr Trembath said.

“The buildings act as shells, it’s like having a blank canvas, and you can see the city developing again in them,” Mr Kelly added.

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