Victim: Colleen Deborah Ayers. Photo: Police Media Police at the Lakesland property where the body of Colleen Ayers was found. Photo: Seven News

The Lakesland property where the body of Colleen Deborah Ayers was found. Photo: Channel Seven

A young Sydney woman at the centre of a murder trial was lying to protect her immunity from prosecution, a defence barrister alleged on Wednesday.

Rachael Margaret Evans has pleaded guilty to strangling 33-year-old Colleen Ayers to death in 2012 but the trial before the NSW Supreme Court turns on who may have aided her.

The Crown alleges that Evans and Micheal John Duffy together killed Ms Ayers on her family’s Lakesland property, south of Sydney, after a drug binge.

Mr Duffy has pleaded not guilty. His barrister, James Trevallion, said Evans and the young woman were to blame.

The defence said the young woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was lying about not being in the room at the time of the killing, a claim she denied. She has been granted immunity from prosecution over the crime.

The young woman testified on Wednesday that, on the night of the murder, she and Evans were sitting outside a room in which Mr Duffy and Ms Ayers were having sex.

She said Evans was talking to herself, saying: “I’m going to do it, I’m not going to do it, I should do it, I shouldn’t do it.”

The young woman told the jury that, before entering the room, Evans had muttered, “I’m going to become the first woman serial killer in 25 years’ time.”

The court heard previously that the young woman, Evans, Ms Ayers, Mr Duffy and another two men were drinking and taking drugs including methylamphetamine at Ms Ayers’ parent’s house that night.

The night before, the young woman had filmed Ms Ayers, Mr Duffy and Evans having a threesome in a hotel room at Picton.

The young woman said she was not in the room at the time of Ms Ayers’ death and that she entered only after hearing through the wall Ms Ayers’ pleas to “stop”.

The defence said the young woman was in the room, that she hit Ms Ayers over the head with a bottle or her fist, and assisted Evans in the killing.

“You’ve been telling lies about this since the first time you spoke to police so you could avoid being prosecuted for anything,” Mr Trevallion suggested.

The witness denied lying but said that Evans twice told her to “blame Duffy”.

Evans testified on Wednesday afternoon that she and Mr Duffy had planned, before they arrived at Ms Ayers’ parents’ property, to take guns from it to sell.

The trial before Justice David Davies continues.

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